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Agape Community Center is a nonprofit organization in northwest Milwaukee that serves the Milwaukee neighborhoods of Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee and Fairfield. In the spirit of compassion and social justice, Agape Community Center is committed to helping build community in area neighborhoods so everyone can thrive. The organization offers programming for individuals in the area neighborhoods and beyond, in addition to community and neighborhood development efforts with the help from area stakeholders. Agape is a member of the Milwaukee Healthy Neighborhood Initiative.

These areas offer so much for prospective homebuyers in terms of  local amenities, including various restaurants and businesses that cater to every taste, and excellent housing stock to choose from. With its wide array of luxuries, the areas of Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee & Fairfield are sure to meet the needs of todays prospective homebuyers.

Thurston Woods: Located in the City of Milwaukee, Thurston Woods is bounded by Douglas Avenue on the north, Silver Spring Drive on the south, Teutonia Avenue & the City limits on the east, and Sherman Boulevard on the west. Thurston Woods is a part of the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative - an effort designed as an avenue for implementing revitalization strategies in select neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee. Conveniently located in Milwaukee's Northwest Side, Thurston Woods offers affordable homes, a variety of architectural styles, a culturally diverse setting, and a comprehensive community center in the heart of the neighborhood.
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Old North Milwaukee:
Old North Milwaukee is located in the Northwest Side of Milwaukee, and is bordered roughly by Silver Spring Drive on the north, 27th Street on the east, Congress Street on the south, and Sherman Boulevard on the west. Villard Avenue serves as the neighborhood’s primary commercial corridor, providing entertainment, dining options, and general services.
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Fairfield: The Fairfield neighborhood is situated on Milwaukee’s Northwest Side, and is roughly bounded by Green Tree Road on the north, the City limits on the east, Bobolink/Douglas on the south, and Hopkins/Sherman/40th on the west. Fairfield is home to a few residences that are interspersed among local, family-owned businesses to innovative international corporations. Fairfield continues to have a strong industrial character and serves as a place conducive to growth and new opportunities.
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