Fixing Your Home


This page is to help direct you services to repair your home. Many neighborhoods offer home repair resources, annual “Bloom and Groom” events and some Milwaukee Public Library branches offer workshops on home repair topics. Contact your local neighborhood association, MPL’s events page or neighborhood-based social media group for additional resources.


Many neighborhood and housing organizations offer home maintenance, winterization and other workshops to help educate you on what you can do as a homeowner. Also, some hardware and home improvement stores also offer classes on basic home maintenance - check at the location closest to you for upcoming events.

These pages can help direct you to the correct resources needed in regard to fixing your home. These pages feature information from our members that provides programs and tools:
Please note that the following is not a complete list nor should be regarded as a recommendation. You are advised to research various programs and organizations to make a proper decision for your specific situation. Note that many of the resources listed here are not home remodeling programs, but rather provide assistance to address code violations and make major, needed repairs to ensure the house is safe.

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