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Take Root Milwaukee is a consortium of housing counseling agencies, community organziations, neighborhoods groups, Realtors and lenders working to promote sustainable homeownership in the City of Milwaukee. Take Root Milwaukee is designed to connect people with valuable resources that provide reliable and trustworthy assistance to those looking to buy, keep, or fix a home.


To learn more about the people and organizations involved with Take Root Milwaukee and the community members impacted by their services, please watch The Story of Take Root Milwaukee.







The Story of Take Root Milwaukee

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Take Root Milwaukee Accomplishments

  • In July of 2015, Take Root Milwaukee celebrated 5 years of promoting sustainable homeownership resources and addressing the impacts of foreclosure in the City of Milwaukee. Thank you to Mayor Tom Barrett, Stacey Walker and Gloria Yates of Freddie Mac, State Senator Lena Taylor, City Treasurer Spencer Coggs, Wyman Winston of WHEDA, Terry Gaughn of CW18/My24, and Milwaukee Common Council President Michael Murphy for joining us and sharing their remarks and support for the important work that Take Root Milwaukee does to preserve and promote sustainable homeownership.

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    Read about the event on the Freddie Mac blog and the DS News website

  • On March 30, 2011, the Milwaukee Homeownership Consortium/Take Root Milwaukee was recognized with the Northern Trust Navigator Award at the Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development and Innovation (MANDI). The 12th annual MANDIs were held at the Pfister Hotel and six groups were recognized for their achievements by Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Watch the video here and learn the story of Take Root Milwaukee and who is involved!

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